...Maura H...

...Bringing Beauty into Being...

Dear Robert ,

I am so grateful to have found 

my way into your chair!

You are truly an artist & 

are So gifted in bringing 

beauty into being… 

Thank you for taking such 

good care of me

& giving me gorgeous

brows :-) 


All the best!!



...Suzy M...


Robert is a Genius !!!

He's transformed me from 

the Eyes up! A Wonderful, 

Wonderful totally painless 

experience. Transformative 

& Relaxing…To be repeated 

every four weeks!



            Best ,



(& next visit)


Back again today—

and once more —




I'm human again!


...Heather R...

...Elgant & Shapely...New York, NY...

Thank you so much Robert!

I came in looking so 

excessively “natural” with my 

brows and you patiently

And gently transform them 

to Full elegant, shapely

brows. What a difference 

to my face and eyes! Thank 

you for your constant care 

and professionalism!

Best– Heather R.


...Eliza & Robert...

Dear Eliza & Robert,

You have transformed

Me.  Coming here is

a wonderful escape from

the world & you leave 

me feeling like a new person.

Coming here!!

        All the best

            Debra J.


Robert —

    You are

        Fantastic !!



This place is AMAZINGGG!!


Thank God for the

Internet b/c I 

may not have found

Out otherwise. Robert

It is ridiculously awesome.

I have never left a

Salon satisfied about

My eyebrows until now.

My brows are

full, even, and 

shaped perfectly.

Thank you Robert

for the concern, 

precision and expertise.

Life is good.


    Peace + Love



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