Greetings to All...

...Robert Gabriel Here!!
(Formerly Senior Eyebrow Design Specialist at Eliza’s Eyes on Madison.)  


It is my sincere & genuine pleasure to announce the opening of:

Gabriel's Brow Boutique, in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, located at:

30 E. 60th St. Suite 1103, between Madison & Park avenue.

    I will be offering all my existing services centered exclusively around the art of Eyebrow Shaping & Design, (generally a combination of waxing & tweezing,) using our all-natural lavender infused Wax imported from France, specially formulated for even the most sensitive skin types.  Along with organic vegan-based Eyebrow & EyeLash Tinting, as well as any facial waxing for both women & men.

    *New services will include Semi-Permanent & other Non-Permanent methods of makeup application *(including Micro-Blading, Feathering & Other Methods of Skin-Tinting techniques) free consultation included! 

    In addition to My services; Here in our spacious, yet intimate Med-Spa setting, we as a team are proud to feature In-house Facials & Skin Services using State of the Art Methods & Treatments, Massage Therapy Services & Eyelash Extension Services… 

    As an added convenience, for all us busy New Yorkers, there are 

Full-Body Waxing, Manicure & Pedicure technicians available as well, 

all in the same building, under one roof & many other services like yoga, acupuncture, cosmetic medics, Physical & Psychiatric therapists & more..


I look forward to seeing you all in the near future!

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* Flexible availability upon request - No walk-ins - By appointment only *

* Amex, Visa, MC, PayPal, Venom, Cash or Check * 

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